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Who Are We?


TFC Industrial Controls of North Little Rock, Arkansas, was formed in December 1973 for the purpose of being sales representative and/or distributor for manufactures of products used in the application of energy to industries in the field of fluid energy or FLUID POWER as it is more commonly called today.

Through the cooperation of various manufactures of FLUID POWER, electronic and automation products, TFC Industrial Controls is able to offer the ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER and the Industrial user a choice of TOP quality air and hydraulically operated or associated products for use in or with the machinery they manufacture or operate.

The continual pledge of TFC Industrial Controls is to offer top quality products at a fair price, backed with the service of technically oriented sales staff who will exert their maximum effort to do their job right through the use of modern business marketing concepts, always being ethical and honest with customers, prospects and the manufacturers we represent.

The opportunity to be of service to you will be a challenge and a privilege which will be accepted with enthusiasm and gratitude.

TOLL FREE: 1-800-643-8248
FAX: 1-501-758-6814 (24hr answer)
TELEPHONE: 501-758-6331