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When it comes to safety, you can count on TFC Industrial Controls. From light curtains to area scanners, we have a wide range of safety systems and components to keep workers safe and workplace mishaps to a minimum.

TFC Industrial Controls deals intensively with optical electronics. We have the experience to provide you solutions that incorporate active optoelectronic protective devices, analysis devices and signal devices. Our range of services encompass the following three process control areas: detection, identification and protection.

We have type 2, 3, and 4 safety light curtains. We also have type 3 laser scanners, which are able to scan large areas. We have single beam light curtains up to 14 mm resolution.

Safety Safety Safety Safety

We all know safety systems are not the areas to save a few dollars. Control reliability is worth everything when it comes to worker safety, process waste minimization, and product damage reduction.

When considering a next control system, call us for advice that only comes from 39 years of experience. Regardless of the category of safety your system will be designed to, we've got you covered. You can count on us to help you "build" the best solution for safety, reliability and overall value.