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Safety, Electronic & Automation Products

Safety, Electronic and Automation Products:

ACT Sensor, Controllers, Plug-in Time Delay Relay, Electronic Timer, Motor Performance Analyzer and Voltage Detector
CANFIELD INDUSTRIES Din Connector with Diodes, Timers and Indicator Lights
CROUZET Simple Automation Control Modules (PLC) Solid State Relays, Temperature Sensors, Timers and Counters
LEUZE ELECTRONICS Identification Optical Data, Transmission and Distance Measurement, Optoelectronic Sensors, Safety Light Curtains and Bar Coding
MARSH BELLOFRAM Electro-Pneumatic liP, EiP & Pii Transducers, Electro- Pneumatic Servo Pressure Controllers
STEWART ERGONOMICS Photo optic two hand controls for fixtures and presses
TAPESWITCH Switches, Sensing Edges and Bumpers, Safety Mats and Photo-Electric Safety Systems
TOL-O-MATIC Ball screw and belt driver system servo, DC and stepper motors and motion controls.